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High clean glass lighting popularize present situation inves

According to some industry veteran analysis, department of guangdong province for the LED project funds and policy support to a certain extent, to promote the development of LED industry in guangdong has played a certain role. But the hard to avoid in the process of execution, the phenomenon of the corruption and to enter through the back door, for some companies, the lack of government and public relations ability is unfair. The future there may be more enterprise individuals or institutions involved, and the policy guidance to the development of LED industry of guangdong province will not only have certain negative influence, in guangdong province to promote LED lighting application of the process of replacement is bound to be affected.


Guangdong LED popularize one step ahead


In recent years, in order to accelerate the pace of transformation and upgrading of industry, since 2003, the government actively deployed various policy was born of promotion of LED lamps and lanterns, first start the national semiconductor lighting project, and then the national medium and long-term program for scientific and technological development, the "11th five-year" plan urban green lighting project, "on further encourage the development of software industry and integrated circuit industry a number of policy and rules of government forcedly purchasing energy saving products" on establishing a notice, "the eleventh five-year plan urban green lighting project," efficient lighting products to promote fiscal subsidy funds management interim measures ", "China to phase out incandescent light bulb, speed up the action plan for promotion of energy-saving lamps, etc., especially after the ultimatum issued 2008 national disabled incandescent, as the main substitute of incandescent lamp, LED lamps and lanterns across markets, which in turn are widely used in various places, become the main force of the lighting market. The largest LED lighting demonstration project of guangdong province in the national first place, popularization of LED lighting is more ahead.


Learned, issued by the government of guangdong province on May 23, 2012, the implementation plan of promoting the use of LED lighting products in guangdong province (hereinafter referred to as the "implementation plan") and perform this day, and take the lead in guangdong region aimed at three years of public popularity LED lighting lighting areas, namely, road, public places, government agencies, state-owned enterprises and institutions such as finance or state-owned capital investment of the construction of the lighting engineering field, complete popularization and application of LED lighting products. And the original use of LED lighting products, in three years that is implemented by instalments reconstruction completed by the end of 2014. The scheme will be to speed up the energy conservation and emissions reduction, and accelerate the process of the development of strategic emerging industries play a very important role.


Around the promotion progress


Guangdong province promotes the use of LED lighting products including LED indoor lamps and lanterns, the LED street lamp, road lights, landscape lights and tunnel lights, so far has been in shenzhen, dongguan, huizhou, zhuhai, zhaoqing, qingyuan and shantou for project construction. But, because of the difference of the local economic development speed, and the original LED lighting system and finance, industry, and so on and so forth, the guangdong region LED public lighting to promote the progress of the is not the same. Theory of the progress of the fastest of dongguan, its first and second phase of the project completed progress within a year; Shenzhen LED lighting in establishing highway project started the construction, after it was completed in 2011, complete the overall transformation task scheduled LED lighting products. According to the plan, the pearl river delta region before the end of 2013 completed popularization of LED lighting, public lighting area before the end of 2014, east guangdong northwest popular LED public lighting, and more developed pearl river delta region of dongguan, zhuhai and shenzhen construction schedule is one step ahead, other shantou and qingyuan are relatively slow; So, guangdong LED popularization plans or relatively stable is underway.


Is thought a calm, everything is in an orderly way, a senior "fall" like a bombshell, vibrations caused by industry, many industry insiders worry li xh was detained on suspicion of "corruption" problem, then guangdong will LED to popularize plan smacked to fall by the wayside, previous achievements? It is reported that guangdong province LED industry output value has reached 210 billion, accounted for nearly 45% of the country, ranking first in the country industry. But behind the scene data, because of the guangdong government support for the LED is very big, in theory, this is a happy thing for guangdong LED industry, with the support of the government development of LED industry may be less, but also to derive from many negative problems. LED industry relying too heavily on subsidies increase profit ratio and so on all sorts of chaos, since has become industry act, also caused the bad influence. Many enterprises in order to get subsidies, trading unfair competition, even collusion with the corruption behind the chain, is the situation, their companies will only eat prison administration this bowl of rice.


"Fall" events don't have to panic too much


In the current economic crisis, many industries have regrets the vast prospects, and the LED industry not only not hit, instead risen, roll, from now on also revealed strong vitality and prospect the new industry has huge development potential. So, LED to a certain extent, have been rendered sharp unstoppable trend.


On September 27th morning, the 12 National People's Congress (NPC) standing committee, guangdong province, the second plenary meeting of the fourth meeting, the meeting decided to revoke li xh, director of science and technology department of the province, appointed ning-sheng huang provincial department of science and technology. So said to li xh's sacking, influence is inevitable, but the influence scope is limited. Only by the science is the executive branch, is not final decision level in the LED industry. Thus, as long as the province policy did not change, the new department officials will continue to execute. Now, the new director-general of the duly elected, but how guangdong LED enforcement, LED popularization steps will walk far, it is just around the corner!




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