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The central air conditioning clean industry development situ

An overview, LED the development of packaging industry


LED device encapsulated in the development of semiconductor lighting industry plays an essential role, and in the global semiconductor lighting industrial chain division of labor of our country has a size advantage and cost advantage of one of the industry chain. In recent years under the environment of national policy guide, with the continuous development of technology innovation, the boom of the domestic LED industry present high growth, LED packaging industry also accompany the whole LED industry synchronous growth.


In the context of global pattern of LED packaging industry, our country has the most concentrated area, is the world's packaging industry is also one of the world LED packaging industry shift mainly continues, China Taiwan and the United States, South Korea, Europe, Japan and other major LED enterprise ability to encapsulate a large part of the country. Summary according to the Chinese LED industry research center data show the 2009 global LED packaging companies revenues of $8.1 billion, 08 year growth of 5.02%. In 2012, from the point of regional distribution, enterprise income still ranked first in Japan, 33% of the world, but the share dropped year by year, Taiwan ranks second, 17% of the world, and south Korean companies income by 08 09 of 9% to 15%, some institutions expect LED packaging market value of $2013 in 13 billion, is expected to reach $13.39 billion in 2014, annual growth rate of 7%.


Second, the domestic LED product and production development


In recent years, our country LED encapsulation ability improve faster, with complete packaging varieties, relative to the extension and chip industry, LED packaging industry in mainland China the most competitive, the largest scale, technical level is the most close to the international advanced level. Domestic LED packaging industry has been mature, LED packaging industry scale expands unceasingly. LED packaging enterprises to actively lead will be listed in the capital market and the downstream application industry growing demand for power, the enterprise scale expansion speed, capacity growth, domestic, in 2009, the domestic LED encapsulation output value reached 20.4 billion yuan, up 10.3% from 18.5 billion yuan in 2008; Production has increased to 2008 from 94 billion in 2008, growth of 12%, with high brightness LED output value reached 18.6 billion yuan, 91% of the total output value of LED packaging. At the same time in terms of the structure of products and enterprises in domestic has improved substantially, SMDLED and high-power LED packaging devices is growing rapidly. Along with the strength of the current LED market, LED packaging market will also be entered into the phase of rapid growth.


With sustained even LED market in China, LED packaging market entered a stage of rapid growth. China LED industry research center, aggregated data show that in 2010, our country LED encapsulation output value reached 25 billion yuan, up 23% from 20.4 billion yuan in 2009; Production has increased to 2009 from 105.6 billion in 2009, which highlighted the LED output value reached 23 billion yuan, which accounts for over 90% of total sales of the LED. In 2012, due to the lighting and backlight pull production was a substantial increase, up to 242.8 billion. Domestic LED packaging industry output growth is mainly because most international LED packaging manufacturer for bullish on China's domestic market, have set up production base in domestic, has realized the mass production, is to become the world's important mid-range LED encapsulation base. Increase the intensity of a domestic industry sales, expand the scale of production capacity and domestic company, investment of production release.


Domestic packaging enterprises on the regional distribution of industry chain full concentration distribution advantages, formed a complete LED packaging industry chain. Attached to China's economic layout characteristics, the Chinese LED enterprises mainly concentrated in the pearl river delta, Yangtze river delta, fujian and jiangxi region, and the bohai economic circle, the line into four large gathering area. The pearl river delta region is the most concentrated in mainland China LED packaging companies, packaging industry's largest regions, enterprises with more than two-thirds of the country, accounting for 68% of the total national enterprises, in addition to the upstream LED epitaxy chip areas lack slightly, brings together a multitude of packaging materials and packaging equipment manufacturers and agents, matching the most perfect. Followed by the Yangtze river delta region, the number of the country's 17%, other area accounted for 15% of the proportion.


Three, the domestic LED encapsulation, analysis of market development


The domestic present status of the LED packaging companies


The current domestic total of more than 1000 LED packaging enterprises above designated size, distribution of two-thirds in the pearl river delta region. In terms of main business has eight listed companies, including rectangular semiconductor, wood Tomlinson, lehman photoelectric, refond optoelectronics, photovoltaic and honest star power, science and technology, hong optoelec, countries, acoustics, which in addition to the song, acoustics, seven other listed companies in guangdong province, shenzhen area holds five, each one in foshan and guangzhou. Application at the same time, some of the larger downstream enterprises set up a has its own packaging production line, such as really bright group, chau Ming technology, bdo embellish, frequently on the photoelectric, etc. In addition, foreign and Chinese Taiwan most packaging companies are set up in the domestic production base, the Chinese mainland has become the world's largest LED packaging production base.


After years of development, the domestic various LED packaging companies in technology has not much difference, the difference is only the enterprise production scale, product batch consistency and reliability. As with financial strength, technical strength of the manufacturers expanded scale, increased spending on research and development phase between domestic LED packaging companies will gradually forming, small packaging enterprise survival space is compressed to some extent. Domestic LED encapsulation of a batch of packaging enterprises market competition strength increasing, the scale expands unceasingly, in the domestic market competitiveness and independent intellectual property rights is not weak in and abroad LED packaging companies in Taiwan. Purely in terms of encapsulation link, domestic enterprises have already with the international LED par. Is more than 1000 current packaging enterprises, annual sales in more than 100 million yuan in the first camp, has more than 30 sales between 10 million yuan to 100 million yuan in the second camp enterprise is less than 300, accounted for 30%, most of the enterprise sales of less than 10 million yuan.




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